5 Ways to Create Loads of Content – Even When You Think You’re Out of Ideas!

By: Stephanie Tuesday April 5, 2022 comments Tags: Marketing, Copywriting, Blogging, Article creation, Client attraction, Email marketing, Content marketing, Business planning, Lead nurture, Social media, Social media

“I try, but I don’t feel I have enough content to provide on a regular basis.”

This is a comment I recently saw from a fellow business owner on Facebook. I know the feeling – no matter how much you’ve learned, all that knowledge can suddenly become strangely elusive when you try to dig bits of it out to share with your audience!

Here are 5 strategies I use to overcome that problem:

1. Write down a list of your areas of knowledge.

This includes all the problems you help your clients solve, positive outcomes you help them create, and the steps or tasks required to accomplish that.

Then break each item on this list down into its component parts. For example, if you help people to have a smooth and loving marriage, you could choose the step “figuring out a fair division of household chores,” and then break that down into teaching points.

These teaching points can include mindset, best practices, pitfalls to avoid, step-by-step instructions for using your favorite strategies, the reasons why your strategies work, and guidelines your clients can use to tailor those strategies to their unique personality and situation while still following the principles that make them effective.

This is actually one of the strategies my clients use to create their coaching programs in my online course, 1 Month Program Builder.

2. Look at and comment on other people’s posts.

I recently got a pile of content ideas just by reading and commenting on other coaches’ posts on Instagram! The advice they shared brought advice of my own to mind, and I wrote each idea down as it came to me.

3. Notice the questions people ask, and the problems they say they have.

The post you're currently reading was actually inspired by a comment from a person who didn’t feel they had enough content to share consistently.

Every time someone asks a question or talks about a problem that relates to your field, write it down, then share the answer to that question or the solution to that problem with your audience, while taking steps to protect the asker’s identity if necessary.

4. Repurpose old content.

Part of the reason why we can feel like we don’t have enough content to share consistently is the inability of the human brain to constantly access everything stored in it. We have lots of knowledge – we just don’t always know how to draw it out when we need to use or share it!

That same principle applies to people remembering and using the knowledge we share. Even if someone has seen or heard you teach something before, they might need a reminder, a list that makes it easy to remember in the future, or a better strategy for implementing it.

It could also be that they’d prefer to consume information in a different format than the one in which you originally posted it. If you shared it as a video before, try sharing it in written form next time.

And always remember, you’re probably the only person who sees 100% of your content. Repurposing old content can let people see things they missed the first time you posted them.

5. Remember that your content doesn’t always have to be long.

Sometimes, something as short and simple as a quote can make a difference in someone’s day. Not every post needs to be a multi-page magnum opus!

Now it’s your turn!

What advice do you have for people who don’t feel like they have enough content to post consistently?


About the Author: Stephanie

Stephanie is a writer and coaching program design specialist. She helps coaches to design lucrative and life-changing group programs, so they can help more people, make more money, and have more time freedom.