About Stephanie

Why am I passionate about helping coaches to get more clients?Oh look, it's my face!

My name is Stephanie, and I had a client attraction problem.

Before I received help from life coaches, I also had a career problem, an income problem, a LOT of health problems, and a relationship problem. 

So I understand better than most why people need coaches... and why coaches can't afford NOT to learn how to attract clients.

I started my working life in a career that almost destroyed my health.

When I was in my late teens, in that lovely little stage of life when you suddenly realize that you're about to be an adult, I was told that I could not make a living by doing what I loved. I'd been writing ever since I was a child, but suddenly, that wasn't good enough.

Friends and family alike echoed the warning: "You can't rely on writing. You'll be a starving artist."

And sadly, I listened to them. So instead of sticking with my dream, I tried my hand as a property manager, helping my mother to take care of her rental houses.

For three years, I spent my days screening tenants, cleaning and repairing houses, chasing people who didn’t want to pay rent, cleaning up after evicted tenants, screening some more (did I mention I was terrible at the ‘screening’ part?), and slowly but surely getting more and more frustrated with my job and humanity as a whole.

I was spending my life on something I was bad at and didn't enjoy,
and my health paid the price

A few months after my 3-year anniversary as a property manager, my body and soul made it clear that I couldn't take it anymore. My throat swelled up until I felt like I was being choked, I had stomachaches so severe that they left me curled up on the floor, and my hormones flew out of balance, leaving me plagued by drastic mood swings.

For six full months, it only got worse. In the midst of this vehement crash-and-burn, my family decided to act on what we’d known for several years: landlording wasn’t for us. It was time to find something that was.

We hired a tougher property manager, and my mother got herself certified to work as a life coach, teaching people how to discover what they want to do in life and create a plan for doing it. 

At first, I simply tagged along, doing whatever tasks needed to be done, though I started to take her newly adjusted advice and focus on my beloved writing again. It felt good to be doing what I loved, but I found that it started to nag at me that even if I could get my fiction writing to sell, I wouldn’t be making the difference in the world that I really wanted to make.

Then, that summer, my mother came to me with what was, at the time, an unwelcome request: she wanted me to take a marketing course. Between taking care of the house, helping her build a coaching business, and fighting to wrest sales out of my sole self-published book, I really didn’t want another learning curve. But because I knew it was needed, I took that course... and then another... and then another...

I finally discovered a career I enjoy and people I love working with!

As I devoured course after course on turning words into sales, the lights began to come on in my head. This was it! After more than ten years of writing novels, evoking emotion through words was almost second nature to me. I knew how to describe things in ways that made people feel, and now I was learning to apply that skill in a whole new way.

And as I started to attend seminars with other entrepreneurs, I began to notice another effect: I was meeting better people. I was no longer surrounded by those who would take what they could and give nothing back. Instead, I was meeting and talking with people who had gifts they wanted to bring to the world, and a purpose they wanted to fulfill... but they didn’t always have the words that they needed to attract the clients they wanted to serve.

I wasn’t even a speaker at the seminar. But after I shared my story and talked a bit about my methods and the training I’d taken, people started to approach me, asking me about services I hadn't even offered them yet.

I’d learned how to market the skills I love to use, and clients were pouring in.

As I worked with life coaches, I noticed two things.

As I spent time with life coaches, both as a client and as their copywriter and marketing coach, two things became clear.

One was that, as I applied their teachings to my life, my life was getting better. My health improved, and I started making friends for the first time since I was in my early teens. I was able to run my business in a balanced way, and that made room for more clients to come into my life.

The other was that life coaches often aren't taught how to attract clients. They have a great message and important wisdom to share, but they don't know how to package it in a way that inspires people to sign up with them.

That's where I come in.

I want to help you to attract more clients, and serve more of them in less time, so you can make a bigger impact while creating a lifestyle you enjoy.

What's the first step?

Your first step is to figure out what you have to work with, and what you still need.

Most of the time, when people ask me to help them create their marketing materials, they also need help to determine which materials they'll need, in what order they need them, and what to say in these materials.

If you already know exactly what you want me to write, please send me an email at [email protected], and let me know what you need

But if you aren't sure what materials you need, or what your next step is to bring more clients to your business, I invite you to download my Personalized Marketing Plan Questionnaire.

This questionnaire contains all the questions I'd normally ask during a consultation - but unlike a consultation, it doesn't require you to be on the phone at a specific time, to think on the fly, or to come up with answers in mid-conversation.

Instead, you can figure out the basics of your plan at your pace and on your schedule, so when you're ready to get your materials written, you can proceed with more confidence, clarity and certainty.

So if you aren't sure what materials you need, or what steps to take in order to attract more clients to your business, just fill out the form below, and I'll send you your free copy of the questionnaire.

I look forward to hearing from you, and to helping you to serve more people, make more money, and enjoy more free time while making a bigger difference in the world!


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