Are Clients Refusing to Give You Referrals Because They Don't Want Their Competitors to Succeed?

By: Stephanie Tuesday May 7, 2019 comments Tags: Lead attraction, Client attraction, Customer Service, Referral marketing

Person holding a laptop that says deniedIf your clients are primarily businesspeople, you might have trouble getting satisfied customers to send you referrals, because they don't want their competitors to have the same success you helped them create.

This is an understandable concern on their part, but it can be frustrating when it hampers your ability to get clients!

The good news is, it IS possible to persuade people to send you referrals, if you can help them understand why it benefits them as well.

Here are 3 ways giving you referrals can benefit your clients:

Referral benefit #1: They build relationships with potential referral sources.

You aren't the only one who wants referrals. Chances are, your customers want them, too.

If they don't want to send their competitors to you, help them to identify businesses that serve the same ideal client in a way that complements their own offer. For example, Realtors and mortgage brokers serve the same client, but instead of competing with each other, they help each other close the sale.

By helping these complementary businesses succeed, your clients build a positive relationship with them, which will work in their favor when they seek referrals from those businesses in the future. Also, the more their referral network members succeed, the more clients those members will have to refer to your clients.

Referral benefit #2: Getting rewards directly from you.

Do you have an affiliate system, a finder's fee, or some other way of rewarding people who send you clients? If so, tell them about it!

And don't just tell them; make it easy for them to recommend you by providing them with emails, social media posts, videos, capture pages, or other materials they can share with potential clients, so they don't have to spend time figuring out how to describe your services themselves.

The easier you make this process for them, the more likely it is that they'll actually do it.

Referral benefit #3: It increases your value and authority.

If you're a client seeking a service, which is more helpful to you: "Sorry, I don't do that," or "I don't do that myself, but I know someone who does"?

When you only provide one piece of the puzzle, people are only likely to approach you when they need that one specific thing you do. But when you know where they can get ALL the services they need to get the best possible result, you become the go-to person whenever they need something.

This means you have more opportunities to nurture your relationships with your clients, see if they currently need your services, get paid for making referrals, and encourage the people to whom you send clients to give you referrals in return.

This is another way in which your clients can benefit from sending referrals to you and to each other.

This doesn't just apply to your clients. It also applies to YOU.

Do you have relationships with businesses that serve your clients in ways that complement you? And do you have a system that makes it easy to exchange referrals, and ensures that you get paid for the referrals you make?

If so, I invite you to share your experiences and advice in the comments, so your fellow readers can benefit from your wisdom.

And if you don't, I'd love to hear what's holding you back. Please share your challenge in the comments, so your fellow readers and I can give you the tools, advice, or kick in the butt you need to start getting more referrals and increasing your income and impact on the world.


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