Can Snapchat Be Useful For B2B Marketing?

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I know many of you may raise your brows after reading the heading of this post. You may be thinking that B2B Marketing and Snapchat are quite different from each other, and the latter is a fun-associated application that sends short video clips and images. So how could it be useful for B2B marketing?
It may be a fun-associated app, but it also helps in connecting people in the real world. Just like Facebook and Twitter, it can also be useful in advertising your products and services and connecting with real audiences.
In fact, Snapchat has some significant features that will help you escape writing long paragraphs on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Along with this, it will entertain your audience and will let them understand your product and service easily.
It gives you a platform to use your imagination and to come up with creative ideas, and it’s a unique and alternative approach for the future of B2B and digital marketing.
It Helps You Build Relationships
One of the most important goals for any marketer is to build a relationship with the target audience.
With Snapchat in the early stages of the social media life cycle, it can be difficult to gain early traction when starting off, but further down the line it could be hugely beneficial.
Snapchat has signified the staying powers that makes it worthy of adding to your B2B social outreach efforts. The earlier you can become aligned with the platform and how to use it, the greater advantages you’ll have over competitors in years to come.
It Helps You Connect With a Young Audience
It has been found that more than 70% users of Snapchat are aged between 18 and 34. The reason behind this could be the transient nature of the app, where content is placed and disappears quickly, usually within 24 hours.
This could be the reason behind its inordinate success, and provides evidence that it will be very prominent in the future years.
Because Snapchat’s core audience is still young, this can be thumbs up for marketers and brands trying to understand this generation that goes beyond Facebook and Twitter to explore new social platforms.
A Great Storyteller
It is a lot more interesting and convenient to create 10 to 30-second video clips and stills that your followers can swallow all at once, rather than writing multiple paragraphs about your next product launch. Snapchat lets you capture the moment quicker and more intimately with a story snap.
It’s true that most of your audience as a B2B marketer isn’t using Snapchat (yet). But it has a specific feature called Snapchat’s location. It helps you to divert the attention of the audiences in an event to your Snapchat account via other forms of social media.
You can further use Geofilters to contextualize your stories in an interactive way. This can help bring your business to life and create an engaging connection with your audience.
B2B marketing is heavily stereotyped as being less colourful and exciting than the Business to Consumer market. Therefore people are afraid to push boundaries and experiment. But ultimately, B2B marketers and their audience are real people, not robots.
It’s true that most of your audience as a B2B marketer isn’t using Snapchat (yet). But the transition will happen. 

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​Newly Introduced Feature Helps You Discover New Opportunities In Location Marketing
A recently introduced feature called Snap Map lets you share your location with your Snapchat friends and followers, and helps view their location on a map, updating when you open the photo messaging app.
This feature can be helpful for marketers exploring location marketing through Snapchat. While, Snapchat hasn’t provided the platform for advertisers to market directly through Snap Map yet, there are other ways for brands to take advantage of this feature.
Generates Incentive 
If you have a discounted or limited time offer, then be ready to earn little more with clever growth hacking strategies. You can ask your customers to upload the coupon code to Snapchat so other people can see it and use it, which encourages more people to visit your store.
Don’t forget to promote your giveaway on other social sites such as Facebook and Twitter to bring more traffic to your site or store.
Advertising Insights
Snapchat has launched a highly desired feature for the marketers that will help brands keep track of their advertising efforts through the platform. The feature is a Self-Serve Ad Management Platform.
It gives an overview of key metrics to the marketers, and introduces new insights to allow brands to experiment with advertising on Snapchat. Vertical videos are also gaining a lot of attention from Snapchat’s audience.
Exclusive Access
Customers and prospects will be happy to receive a behind-the-scenes look into your world. Providing emotional content like birthday celebrations, company outings, fun activities, insights to your manufacturing warehouses, etc. helps you create and engage a strong, connected and interested audience.
It adds a realness, relatability and transparency to your brand. This is something many people in the B2B sector don’t think about, but it can give you a competitive, psychological advantage.
It won’t be possible to showcase this to ALL of your customers, but Snapchat allows you to give that content to millions of potential customers. It gives the audience direct access to live events, which can be used for new product launches, trade shows etc.
Snapchat excites your audience because you’re providing a different, more authentic view of what’s going on at the event or at the show. This makes your audience feel like they are part of the process.
This way, you can influence large number of customers, including senior management, decision makers and CEOs who will all be drifting towards the platform, looking to experiment for personal and work relations reasons and following businesses out of pure curiosity as to what they are up to. 
Enhance Brand Awareness
As the app has 150 million daily users and most of them are aged above 25, it’s not that difficult to advertise your product here and create awareness among audiences. You just need to channel it correctly, like anything else in your B2B marketing mix.
As discussed above, it’s little complicated to get started, as you may not be confident in knowing how to implement an effective strategy on such a platform with millions of daily users.
But with time, preparation and an effective strategy you can own the market. If one develops a Snapchat marketing strategy utilizing the various features of app to increase brand association and boost brand awareness, which then leads to ROI and conversions outside the app, then your business will successfully market on the app.
By implementing the marketing strategies described below, marketers can increase brand awareness and can also get high conversion rates and audience growth.
Marketing can be done through the following features:
Through Stories
Marketers can connect with a large number of people by sharing images, videos and other content through the “Story” feature that the app provides. This will boost brand awareness among millions of users on Snapchat.
It would be quite beneficial if you post your brand’s stories and videos on a regular basis. A fresh, entertaining and informative balance of Snaps will keep other business owners coming back for more education and fun.

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​Through Memories
This latest feature of Snapchat called “Memories” is a boon for marketers. It is used as a marketing tool to create brand awareness. This feature helps marketers to upload branded photos from their camera roll for the first time and let them post these to their “Story”.
Marketers can also save any Snapchat content in the “Memories” section, which can only be viewed by the account holder, where it resides permanently and can be repurposed for marketing uses if required.
Through Filters
Filters allow marketers to design their own business or product-themed filters. All you need to do is pay some money to Snapchat and you can have those filters live in a geolocation or you can be visible for specific business-related events or promotional opportunities.
This could work very well for creating a buzz from specific expos and trade shows where your B2B business is featured.

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Snapchat integration for your business will be complicated initially, but if you are persistent and consistent with a quality Snapchat marketing strategy and content, then it can really be useful to target a wide audience.
So what are you waiting for? Bring it in gradually to your office environment, start building and reaching out and give it a try. Ultimately you will be ahead of the game as with all digital social media, B2B always finds its way to spread and be effective. 

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