Five Steps to Building a Positive Work Environment

Tuesday May 29, 2018 comments Tags: team building, Motivation, leadership


By Mark JohnsonA man working in a cluttered office with a houseplant

Without effective employee engagement, a company will struggle to succeed. It is therefore imperative to create a work environment in which workers feel motivated so that they are able to be productive.
There are a couple of core principles that will help you achieve maximum engagement by concentrating on employee motivation and creating a warm, engaging work environment.

Give Your Employees A Push Towards Positivity

With the pressure that comes with having a global community, it goes without saying that a healthy and positive workplace is indispensable to your wellbeing. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, maintaining a healthy work environment allows your employees to offer their best.

Here are 5 things you can do to help create and maintain a healthy and a positive workplace:

#01. Recognize and Reward Hard Work

Diligent work and productive output should be recognized. When you show acknowledgment of achievements, it positively affects their work fulfillment and commitment to the job.

Some ways to motivate your employees include promotions, awards, and titles such as ‘Employee of the Month.’ In many cases, even a simple "thank you", or a box of Friday morning donuts goes a long way.

#02. Make Use of A Standing Desk

Research proves that it is not healthy to sit for long periods of time. That's why many companies are opting for flexible standing desks that allow you to choose whether to work standing up or sitting down, as well as being able to easily switch between the two. These desks allow you to move around and keep your muscles active throughout the day.

Employees are encouraged to strike a healthy balance between sitting and standing, as well as taking regular breaks during the day.

#03. Create a Clean, Allergy-Free Space

Many employees suffer from allergies triggered by chemical reactions to paint, carpeting and furniture, among others. The symptoms include rashes, itchy eyes, irritated sinuses, and headaches. These can result in problems ranging from a loss of concentration to a need to leave the building, depending on the severity of the symptoms.

While there are things you cannot change at work, such as carpeting and furniture, there some steps you can take to reduce any negative effect they might be having. According to ByPurify, the best air purifiers for an office space will have a HEPA filter, and are quiet so that they do not interfere with the concentration and productivity of your staff.

#04. Invest in a Splash of Green

Color me surprised! Did you know that studies link the color green to the creative thought process? Our jobs demand creativity, especially those in the areas of marketing, media and customer engagement. So having green around us can help. Since repainting the walls might be a step too far, try introducing backdrops, green ornaments and wall art so you are surrounded by an ocean of green.

Remember to also look for calming shades of green rather than bright shades, since the latter can do more harm than good. Sage and sea-foam green are some of the best options - they will help you relax your mind and get your creative juices flowing.

#05. Bring Some Plants

Plants assist in creating a healthier work environment. They help with improving the air quality, they make your workspace lively, and studies have linked them to greater levels of positivity in people within a work environment. They also have a very calming effect on most people.

The best plants for the office would be the green and leafy ones, rather than prickly plants like cacti. Also, too many plants can be overwhelming. Try keeping one or two; one your desk and another on a shelf.

In conclusion, improving some aspects of your workspace goes a long way to motivating employees and thus improving their productivity.

About Mark:

Mark Johnson is the Marketing Manager at ByPurify, a leading online resource specializing in clean air technology in the areas of vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. The site offers reviews and buying guides to help their clients make their homes and offices a clean, allergy-free space.