How Your Marketing Might Be Attracting the Wrong Kind of Leads

By: Stephanie Tuesday September 18, 2018 comments Tags: Marketing, Copywriting, Lead attraction, Client attraction


A person holding a sign that says "Whoops, wrong client!"One day, an ad appeared in the sidebar of a site I was browsing, and I couldn't help but stare at it. Not out of curiosity or desire, but out of the same kind of incredulous fascination one might feel if they were walking in a desert that had only one tree, and saw that a car had somehow managed to crash into that tree. It was just that improbably bad.

The headline in particular caught my eye: "The only site that gets you a girl".

There are so many things wrong with this ad. Let's take a moment to break it down.

Problem #1: For most clients, it's a pretty obvious lie.

The online dating market has plenty of options, so the odds of a site being the only one that can get you a partner aren't great, unless problem #2 applies. This headline doesn't tell me the website is superior; it tells me its marketing department is either delusional or completely lacking in integrity.

The lesson to be learned from this:

Don't pretend you're the only option in your field when it's obvious that you aren't. Smart clients won't fall for it. Instead, focus on explaining why you're better than the other options your clients know are out there.

Problem #2: They're not appealing to a great target audience.

When you combine this headline with the site's other ads, which assure readers that the beautiful Asian woman who populate this site will make the first move, it seems that they're targeting desperate singles who are tired of trying to reach out to potential partners.

The problem with that is, if NO other sites can help you find a partner, the problem is probably an internal one that requires inner work, not an issue that can be solved by trying one website after another. It makes me worry about what kind of people they're trying to pair up with the women they're marketing as a selling point.

The lesson to be learned from this:

Before you create your marketing materials, it's important to know what kind of people you want to work with. Once you have that clarity, tailor your marketing to appeal to that kind of person.

If you want to attract people who can afford your offer, don't focus on how cheap it is - focus on how it helps people at a certain level of success to achieve even greater results.

If you teach people an easier path to success, but you still want to work with people who will put in the effort to make their dreams come true, don't advertise that you'll help them succeed with little or no work; instead, tell them you'll help them stop doing tasks that don't get results, and get bigger results in a shorter work day.

Be honest and realistic about what you're offering, and focus on the value that the right kind of people will get from your product or service if they do what it takes to implement your offer.

Problem #3: They're showing ads to people who aren't even IN their target audience.

Their target audience is desperate singles who want beautiful Asian women who will make the first move, and who can't get results from any other site. No other traits besides beauty, being Asian, and making the first move are advertised.

I am a woman who isn't currently interested in dating ANYONE, let alone another woman, and I'm sick of seeing women described with and valued for their physical appearance at the expense of their personality.

Needless to say, the fact that these ads are even showing up in my browser suggests a horrible lack of ad targeting. I'm the polar opposite of their target audience.

The lesson to be learned from this:

If you're going to pay for ads, pick a site that's geared toward your target audience, and that will enable you to choose the kind of person your ads are shown to. If the site you advertise on allows its users to indicate when they aren't interested in an ad, so you aren't paying for impressions from people who will never buy from you, that's even better.

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