How to Block Out Surrounding Noise and Focus on Your Work

By: Stephanie Tuesday August 1, 2017 comments Tags: Time management, Copywriting, Blogging, Article creation, Email marketing, product launch, Content marketing

Sometimes, you need to focus for a long period of time without getting distracted or bored.

Whether it's writing a blog post, mapping out the content for a group program, finishing a project for a client, or anything else that requires a protracted period of mental concentration, I've found that having pleasant, non-distracting music in the background can be invaluable.

It helps me to concentrate, and it makes the task a lot more fun.

If you need help to concentrate on your longer and more mentally taxing tasks, here are some of my favorite 1-2-hour instrumental compilations to help you keep your mind on the job:

1 Hour of Dark Winter Music & Gothic Music

This hour-long compilation is one of my personal favorites; it's beautiful and atmospheric, the kind of thing you can just sink into for an hour and feel the tension draining out of you.

1 Hour of Elf Music

1 Hour of Fairy Music and Fantasy Game Music

These two collections of beautiful melodies are varied enough to be interesting, yet unobtrusive enough not to demand your attention.

Best Relaxing Piano Studio Ghibli Complete Collection 2016

As the name implies, this is a sweet and relaxing collection that will create a peaceful atmosphere for your work.

World's Most Breathtaking Piano Pieces | Contemporary Music Mix | Vol. 2

Beautiful and varied, this collection definitely earns its name.

​2 Hours Epic Positive Music (Epic Fantasy Uplifting Orchestral Vocal)

This is a good one if you want some songs with a bit more energy to them. It contains a couple songs that have lyrics in English, but it's easy enough to skip over them if songs with words hurt your concentration.

World's Most Emotional Music | THE BEST OF MIX

Some of these are dramatic, some peaceful, all beautiful. As with the one above it, there are a few that have lyrics, but those are easily skipped.

I hope you found this collection helpful. If you have any instrumental compilations you'd like to share in order to help your fellow entrepreneurs concentrate on their work, please feel free to share the links in the comments!

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