How to Boost Your Creativity, Health and Wealth by Adding Greenery To Your Office

Tuesday November 27, 2018 comments

Green-walled room full of plantsToday's blog post is by Nadya Jones.

Are you often worried you’re not making the most out of your office space? Wondering if you don’t get enough natural light or if you’re spending too much time away from nature?

Having a green garden office, whether indoors or outdoors, can help in ways you may not have expected. Embracing the light and bringing plants, flowers, and a hint of the great outdoors into your work space can actually help you with your business by boosting your productivity. We explore it further in this article.

The Benefits of Plants in an Office

Many people out there may think that any benefits of plants in your office is superstition, but the studies which have been conducted in this area show some very interesting trends.

For instance, a Human Spaces report has shown that workplaces with greenery and natural sunlight within can boost productivity by 6% and even boost creativity by up to 15% when compared to similar offices without the same light and plants.

Another study has shown the effects on human health, not only physically but mentally too. Being exposed to green spaces and natural light can boost our mood and put us in a better state for work. A green garden office can achieve this even in an urban area.

Improving your mental health is always a welcome benefit in any career.

When your career is focused on helping others, the effects of this psychological boost are even clearer. If a life coach is in a better place mentally and physically, they are likely to perform better at work, build a stronger rapport with clients, and ultimately be more helpful to their customers. The clients will enjoy and benefit from your green office, too.

It may sound like a lot of benefit from just a few plants, but the facts all back this claim up.

How to Set Up a Garden In Your Office

Here are a few pieces of advice on how to organize a garden in your office:

Let the light pour in. Your plants will likely perform best in a well-lit area, and there is no substitute for natural light. If you’re lucky enough to have windows, make sure you have your office set up in a way that you can keep the blinds open without getting unwanted glare.

Choose hardy plants. We all have lives, we go on holiday or we simply forget to water the plants. A few days of neglect are okay if you choose a forgiving plant.

Research the plants which are most likely to help. This graphic from the India Times displays which plants have been shown to increase productivity.

Decorate subtly. A few plants is often enough to make a difference, but how much time you want to spend looking after them is up to you. Bear in mind that it is still an office, after all.

Bringing the Office to the Garden!

The whole process doesn’t have to be putting a garden in your office, why not bring your office to the garden? This isn’t as outlandish as it seems, especially if you live somewhere the weather is mainly stable and pleasant. A simple gazebo and power supply can be enough to get going.

As well as the benefits of being surrounded by plants and light, many scientific studies have also shown that being outdoors can improve your cognitive function and general well-being.

There are many life coaches who are already achieving more with outdoor offices.

Morgan Field, who is a life coach specializing in entrepreneurship, self-love, happiness and confidence, makes use of both outdoor and indoor offices, as she describes in this interview.

While the outdoor office may be a relatively new tilt on life coaching, the concept of running your sessions outdoors is certainly not. Cat Trebilco has discussed the benefits of meeting clients outdoors in numerous interviews, such as this one. The outdoor benefits of fresh air and connecting with nature can be embraced by setting up a space where you can meet and work outside.

An outdoor office is relatively simple, as long as you can overcome the issue of the environment, and have a source of electricity. You need to protect yourself and your work equipment, and most people opt for a gazebo to do so.

You can see more tips for setting up a gazebo and an outdoor office in this article, and this post will help you learn how to choose a gazebo.


Have you enjoyed our post about organizing a green garden office?

Hopefully you’re ready to embrace the help of nature either indoors or outdoors, and reap the career benefits you may never have known about before.

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