Guest Star Post: How to Get More Engagement and Traffic From Your Old Blog Posts

By: Stephanie Friday August 26, 2016 comments Tags: Marketing, Blogging, Traffic, Lead attraction

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Are you tired of seeing your blog posts and articles disappear into the forgotten corners of the web?

It happens to bloggers, content marketers and coaches all the time. You spend an hour creating an awesome blog post, it's packed with great content, and you're sure that it will help your readers and bring lots of traffic and engagement to your business...

But then, a couple days later, people stop paying attention to it, and it's back to the drawing board to create new content and hopefully get another short burst of traffic.

Many bloggers and content marketers experience this phenomenon. But the good news is, your hard work doesn't have to go to waste.

Today, DigitalMarketer's Russ Henneberry will reveal a simple way to get more engagement, interest and traffic from the content you already have, so you can get a bigger return on your investment of time and effort.


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