How to Outline Your Group Program and Avoid a Client-Repelling Mistake

By: Stephanie Tuesday October 1, 2019 comments Tags: product creation, Time management, product launch, Business planning

If you've created a successful business by coaching clients one-on-one, you might have reached the point where you're ready to make a bigger impact, change more lives, and earn exponentially more income by no longer letting your number of clients be limited by the number of hours in a day.

Crowd in conference hallI'm talking about creating a group coaching program that can serve dozens or even HUNDREDS of clients at the same time, which not only multiplies your impact and earnings, but also gives your clients the opportunity to interact, give each other feedback and support, and help each other see that they aren't alone in their challenges and desires.

To help you do this, I've created two short videos. The first one is four minutes long, and it explains how to organize the content for your group program, so you can turn your expertise into an effective and easy-to-follow curriculum that people can use and benefit from even when you're asleep.

The second video is two minutes long, and it reveals a mistake coaches often make when creating their group program. This one error wastes countless hours of their time, and instead of bringing them more clients, it actually drives their potential clients away!

If you're ready to maximize your income and impact, just click on the video players below..

How to Organize the Content for Your Group Programs

Don't Make This Mistake When Designing Your Group Coaching Programs

I hope you found those videos helpful in your journey to greater effectiveness and wealth!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

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About the Author: Stephanie

Stephanie is a copywriter and business coach. She specializes in helping coaches to create customized client attraction plans and put them into action, and to design lucrative and life-changing group programs, so they can help more people, make more money, and have more free time.