How to Shed Fear and Guilt and Make More Sales

By: Stephanie Tuesday January 22, 2019 comments Tags: Mindset, Client attraction, Enrollment, Sales

When you're having a conversation that you hope will lead to a sale, and it's time to ask for money, what kind of feelings come up?

Do you feel confident, happy, and ready to give great value and be paid what you're worth in return?

Or do you feel guilty, nervous, and uncomfortable with the idea of asking someone to part with their hard-earned money?

For many people, asking for money is a challenge. The media, our peers, the internet, and sometimes our parents tell us that rich people are greedy and bad, and to ask someone for money is to hurt them.

This mindset can hinder or even halt our ability to get clients, sustain and grow our business, and improve our clients' lives.

When you seem awkward and hesitant when asking for money, your potential clients will get the impression that you aren't sure what you're offering is worth the price, and that will plant the same doubt in their minds, possibly causing them to walk away from something they really need.

To help you overcome this sale-killing obstacle, two of my fellow Liberty Group members, Monica Bennett and Jeffrey Bloom, got together on an interview to share how you can shed your fear and guilt and be confident and persuasive while making sales. They've allowed me to share a 9-minute compilation of the best parts of the interview with you, so if you want to turn more of your leads into sales, click the player below to watch the video!

If you want to learn more about our joint seminar series, visit this page to get the details about Wealth, Health and Financial Freedom for Realtors and Their Referral Network Members.


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