How to Stop Feeling Like an Impostor, and Start Feeling Like an Expert

By: Stephanie Tuesday December 5, 2023 comments Tags: Mindset, Inspiration, Content marketing

Do you ever compare yourself to more successful and experienced coaches, and wonder why your clients would ever choose you over them?

If you do, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re selling yourself short. You're probably more of an expert than you realize!

If you want to feel confident, capable, and powerful when you talk about your offer and expertise, instead of feeling insecure and unworthy, I want you to take a couple minutes to watch this video.

In it, I share a quick, easy exercise you can use to stop feeling like an impostor, and see how much value you truly have to offer. (Plus, you'll come up with lots of great content while you do this!)




About the Author: Stephanie

Stephanie is a writer and coaching program design specialist. She helps coaches to create and sell life-changing coaching programs, so they can help more people, make more money, and have more time freedom.