Guest Star Post: How to Stop Wasting Your Time, and Focus on the Activities that Bring Income

By: Stephanie Friday August 19, 2016 comments Tags: Time management, success

Picture of a clockAre you starting your day in a way that will bring you income and success, or are you setting yourself up for frustration and wasted time?
One of the questions that Loral Langemeier is often asked is, “How do you start your day?”
In today’s Guest Star blog post, she reveals how she starts her day in a way that sets her up for success, and how she focuses her time on activities that bring her revenue, rather than the actions that are merely distractions from her real goals.
So if you often find yourself staying busy all day, yet not accomplishing the things that grow your business and attract clients, check out today’s Guest Star blog post to see how one of the world’s most successful women manages her time:


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