Interview: How to Get More Referrals and Leads Through Managed Joint Ventures

By: Stephanie Tuesday February 19, 2019 comments Tags: Marketing, team building, Lead attraction, Client attraction, Business planning, Referral marketing

A group of people talkingIf you use networking events as a way to meet potential clients and referral sources, you've probably found that you spend a lot of time talking to people who don't follow up, sending follow-up calls and emails that go unanswered, and giving out business cards that vanish into other people's shoeboxes, never to be seen again.

The unfortunate truth is, most people go to networking events to try to promote their own business, not to hire or send clients to other businesses. On top of that, even if they have the intention to send you clients, they might not remember who you serve or how to describe your business when the time comes - unless you have a way to stay consistently at the top of their minds.

If this has been your experience, then you've probably realized that the old way of doing things just doesn't work. It's time to try something different - like a managed referral network, where the most of the work of coordinating referrals is done for you.

In this 25-minute video, my referral network manager, our primary lead generation specialist, and our mediation expert have joined forces to help you understand what a Managed Joint Venture is, and how it can help you to get more referrals, connect with 6,000 potential clients per year, and get paid for helping us make sure that your clients and your fellow members' clients gets all the services they need to get the best possible result.

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If you want to learn more about this unique system, visit, or send me an email at [email protected] so we can schedule a time to talk.


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