Is Your Marketing Missing Its Most Important Ingredient?

By: Stephanie Tuesday June 2, 2020 comments


How to make a sale recipe notepad with food nearby

Once in a while, I stumble across a sales page that looks so doomed that I have to tell you what went wrong, so you won't make the same mistake its creators did.

This page had a lot of the ingredients that a sales page needs to have in order to inspire people to buy, but it was missing its most important ingredient.

As a result, there was NO chance I was going to buy anything without some additional work and explanation on the page owners' part.

If you want to know how to avoid this sale-killing mistake, watch this 5-minute video, in which I reveal:

1. What this missing ingredient was, and why its absence GUARANTEED that I wouldn't buy.

2. Some of the subtler ways in which your marketing could be missing this vital ingredent.

3. A simple rule of thumb you can use to make sure you're including the RIGHT ingredients for different types of marketing material.



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