Lifelong Labor, or Financial Freedom? What Dentists Need to Build Successful Practices and Secure Retirements

By: Stephanie Tuesday April 16, 2019 comments Tags: Dentists, Customer retention, Business planning, leadership

A dentist working on a patient on one side, and a man walking the beach with his child on the otherHave you ever met or coached a dentist who wanted to create financial freedom, design the life of their dreams, and turn that dream into reality... only to find that instead of doing that, they were drowning in debt, burning out, or struggling to provide quality care because their organization was pushing them to prioritize profit over patient care?

For the past few years, I've been working extensively with Liberty Group, and through them I've discovered that:

- When new dentists graduate from dental school, they're usually over $250,000 in debt - and that's just for the degree, never mind starting a practice, hiring staff, getting equipment, buying or renting office space, and acquiring insurance.

- Most dentists take 3-5 years or more to get to the point where they're ready to acquire a practice - and once they reach that state, they face a challenging learning curve, often without mentorship.

- Dentists are at an increased risk of committing suicide. While the numbers vary from one source to another, it is well established that the physical and emotional stress of the job, combined with financial struggles, isolation, long work hours, and unfavorable public perception, can become a serious danger to the dentist's mental and physical health.

- A lawsuit, a crisis in their personal life or health, or an ill-handled sale of their practice can destroy a dentist's path to financial freedom, forcing them to work long after they wanted to retire.

- Many dentists who sell their practice get only 50% or less of the money they could have made if the sale had been managed better.

- Dentists aren't the only ones who are harmed when the practice is sold to the wrong people. The patients suffer from decreased quality of care, and the seller's former employees find themselves working for a company that doesn't care about its patients, which leaves them hating their jobs.

The good news is, there is a better way.

If you're a coach who guides dentists, a current or future dentist, or the friend or family member of a dentist, I encourage you to watch this interview.

In this video, Liberty Group's founder, Matthew Radin, along with a dentist who's rebuilding his career after it was torn apart, and our mediation specialist, Jeffrey Bloom, will reveal:

- How a dentist who lost practically everything is working with us to get back on his path to financial freedom.

- Two ways to sell your dental practice - one of which will make you a millionaire, while the other keeps you working for the rest of your life.

- How younger dentists can transition into a practice sooner and with a minimum of additional debt, while older dentists can transition out at their own pace, make more money in the process, and ensure the practice's long-term success.

- How dentists can use this system to boost their credibility as a dentist.

Click the player below to watch the video.

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