One Selling Point You Should NOT Use in Your Marketing

By: Stephanie Tuesday March 7, 2017 comments Tags: Marketing, Copywriting, Blogging, Article creation, Lead attraction, Client attraction, Email marketing, product launch, Content marketing, Webinar, Lead nurture, Social media

When you're describing your product and how it helps your clients, there's one "selling point" that you should seldom or never use:

"Why you should/shouldn't X".

Seriously, this is a sale-killer.

"Why you should never do __"... "why it's vital to __ after each meal"... "why every business needs __"... those are all examples of phrases that DON'T belong in your emails, sales pages, blog posts, and other marketing materials.

Why is "why you should/shouldn't" such a bad phrase?

I'm going to be a hypocrite for a minute here, and give you two reasons why you should avoid using "why you should" in your marketing materials:

1. People are busy.

Let's face it: today's schedules are full, and inboxes are even fuller.

Most people are eager to save time, and unless they're REALLY curious about your topic, they're probably going to lean toward getting the quick and dirty version of your information, rather than taking the time to get the full version.

So if you simply say "why you should/should't __", they're liable to say, "Great! Now I know what I should or shouldn't do. I don't need to spend more time and money to find out why."

2. A quick "do/don't do that" probably won't change lives.

Out of all the advice you've gotten in your life, how much of it do you actually follow and use?

Depending on how much knowledge you've been cramming into your brain, I'm going to guess a very tiny fraction!

And if you got a piece of information without context, the chances are good that you aren't using it to its full potential, even if you are using it.

If you don't understand the principles behind the practice, you may be able to follow the instructions to the letter, but you won't be able to optimize your use of the technique, to tailor it to your specific situation, or to expand upon it to improve your results.

And if you got it for free, you also won't be as motivated to use and remember it as you would be if you'd paid for the information.

So even if your only goal is to educate people, it's better to get them interested enough to invest money and time in truly understanding the principles you teach, rather than letting them think a tiny piece of the puzzle will give them the whole picture.

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