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By Josh Wardini

Two hands holding a clapperboardSince the beginning of time, marketing has been the bedrock of any successful business venture. With the advent of the internet and the digital age, things have changed drastically. These days, digital marketing is perhaps the most effective form of marketing, and many online retailers like Amazon and even Newegg are jumping on the bandwagon.
Of the various types of digital marketing available, video marketing is possibly the most essential and impressionable.
Either through an aggressive video marketing campaign or a strong social media presence, many brands use video marketing as their primary marketing strategy.
A good example is Nike. This company is the number one manufacturer of sporting goods and streetwear shoes, and it's equally dominant on the internet. Its video ads regularly go viral, and it currently has the most followed account on Instagram. Its social media accounts are filled with videos of product launches and celebrities endorsing Nike.

The numbers are there to be harnessed - you just have to know how to. Over 70% of internet users regularly watch videos online, and a staggering 80% of consumers have been convinced to buy a product by a video.
YouTube is the website with the second highest number of visits every day. Huge brands such as Nike and Reebok use it, so why not try it yourself? It's all very simple really.
Visual content is almost always easier to create than text, but the point must not be missed. Your videos should contain good content. Haphazard videos will get no better results than written text, and videos with celebrities - a strategy that Nike and Adidas have perfected in recent years - will make a huge difference.
Distribution is also key to reaching your audience all around the globe. Videos on the average get 70% more shares than pictures on social media. Vine, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all offer easy broadcasts of your videos at simple rates.
Another key part of reaching your target audience via video advertising is through the use of keywords. Choosing the right keywords while uploading your video, together with the use of search engine optimized tags, will undoubtedly boost the visibility.
Reaching your target audience has never been easier; you just have to know how to bend the internet to your will. In this infographic, I'll share some stats and information that will help you to get more clients from your video marketing efforts.


Brands Using Video Marketing

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