Top 5 Time-Wasters That Hold Small Businesses Back From Success

By: Stephanie Tuesday May 9, 2017 comments Tags: team building, Time management, Mindset, leadership, Business planning

Time. It's your most valuable and irreplaceable asset, yet it's also one of the ones that small businesses are the best at wasting!

We only have 24 hours in a day, but all too often, we spend those hours on the wrong things, or do the things we're supposed to do less efficiently than we could be doing them.

As a result, we trade more of our priceless time than we want to, in exchange for less money than we desire and could have been making.

Today, I'm sharing a blog post by Aubrey Blankenship on the top 5 ways in which small business owners waste time. In it, you'll see how to stop spending your time on the wrong activities without losing productivity, and how people like me can help free up your time, so you can spend your days doing the activities that you love and excel at.

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