Special Offer: Website Hosting, Email Marketing, CRM and Blogging for Canadians

By: Stephanie Tuesday October 25, 2016 comments Tags: Marketing, Time management, Blogging, Lead attraction, Client attraction, Email marketing, Content marketing, Business planning, Lead nurture

Are you a Canadian business owner who's looking to find or switch to a new email marketing, website hosting, blogging, time management or CRM system?
Whether you're looking to use these systems for the first time, or you aren't happy with your current provider and want to try something else, I have a special opportunity I want to share with you:
My current provider, AllProWebTools, is expanding into Canada! To celebrate their introduction to Canada, they're giving a special offer to Canadian entrepreneurs: if you sign up before December 1, 2016, they'll waive the setup fee, so you'll save $195 on your AllPro account!
To take advantage of this offer, visit their website at https://www.allprowebtools.com/, and use the coupon code "FreeCanada!" without the quotation marks when you sign up.
AllPro includes free website hosting with every account, and instead of having to buy a pre-designed package that may or may not have the exact set of services you want, you can choose which features you want in your package, so you ONLY pay for the tools you actually need.
In my experience, AllPro's customer service team is absolutely amazing. When I was switching this website from my previous provider to them, I couldn't find a way to easily export my blog, and I was worried that I'd have to transfer everything manually, one piece at a time.
You can imagine my surprise and relief when AllPro's support team informed me that, without me even having had to ask them to, they'd created a custom export/import system to transfer my blog! That alone saved me countless hours of work, and I was really impressed by the way they went above and beyond to make life easy for me.
I also like the fact that, unlike with some blogging systems I've used, you can get a fully functional link to a blog post before you publish it.
As someone who pre-schedules and publishes two blog posts a week, I find it really handy to be able to get the link and schedule it in my email and social media systems as soon as I write the post, instead of having to wait until the publication date. If you, like me, use social media and email to send people to your blog, I think you'll find this tool to be a convenient time-saver.
To get a guided tour of the software, you can contact my friend at AllPro, Shantel Vines, at [email protected]. She's friendly and fun to talk to, and I think you'll enjoy exploring the system with her.
And to see a list of the features you can choose from, visit https://www.allprowebtools.com/, and don't forget to use the coupon code FreeCanada! when you sign up.
Quick FYI: if you do choose to sign up, the price on the screen won't automatically adjust when you enter the coupon code. This is normal; the discount is still being applied. The payment will be processed that evening, but you'll get access to everything right away, so you can start to explore and test out the system immediately.
I hope you find this offer helpful! If you know anyone in Canada who's currently looking for marketing or business management software, feel free to send them a link to this blog post, or to mention this opportunity to them. You could end up saving them a lot of money, and making their lives easier.


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