Why People Rarely Get Referrals by Networking, and What to do Instead

By: Stephanie Tuesday November 13, 2018 comments Tags: team building, Time management, Lead attraction, Public relations, Business planning, Referral marketing

If you've tried to use networking to get more referrals, you've probably experienced something like this:

You spend time and gas money to drive to an event, give your elevator speech, listen to everyone else's elevator pitches, exchange business cards, give and receive promises that “if I meet someone who needs you, I’ll send them your way”, hopefully follow up with your potential referral network members, and then... nothing happens.

You try again next week, because maybe repetition is the key. You give the same pitch everyone's already heard, listen to the same pitches you heard the first time... and once again, nothing happens.

Why is it so hard to get new clients and referrals from networking events, especially in a setting that's supposed to be designed to help people get referrals?

And, more importantly, how can you start to get more referrals, WITHOUT the empty promises and the waste of time and money?

Today my referral network manager, JV and referral expert Matthew Radin, is sharing the answers in a quick video. Click the player below to watch it:



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