Will Selling Small Products Help Me Sell High-Ticket Offers?

By: Stephanie Tuesday August 3, 2021 comments Tags: Marketing, product creation, Lead attraction, Client attraction, product launch, Enrollment, Business planning, Sales

"Will selling smaller products help me sell high-ticket offers?"

I recently saw this question in a LinkedIn group, and it sparked an interesting discussion about the pros and cons of the strategy.

Will the low-ticket item only attract bargain hunters who don't want a high-ticket program? Or will it attract qualified leads who just need a taste of your expertise before they commit to a big purchase?

Will buying the lower-priced offer make people more likely to buy your high-ticket package, or will people who buy the smaller item think it's all they need?

The discussion inspired me to make this video, in which I answer those questions and give you specific strategies for using low-ticket offers in a way that increases the likelihood that people will buy your high-ticket program.


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