4 Keys to a Coaching Program that Changes Lives

By: Stephanie Tuesday April 5, 2016 comments Tags: product creation, product launch, Customer Service, Business planning

Not all coaching programs get their clients results.

All too often, coaches give their clients information that COULD change their lives, but instead of making a real difference, their wisdom becomes "shelf help" that makes no lasting change.

That's because their programs are missing 4 vital keys that your clients need in order to use your information to its full effect.

In this article, I'll tell you what those 4 keys are, and why it's important to add each one to your program.

Key #1: A way to remember what they learned.

If you touch upon a point early in the course, but never revisit it, that nugget of wisdom will probably get buried under all the new knowledge that follows it.

To avoid this effect, whenever possible and applicable, tie the earlier lessons in to the later parts of your course.

In your later chapters or sessions, tell your clients how those first foundational lessons apply to, or work together with, the principles you're currently teaching them.

This will help to tie it all together and cement it in their minds, so it becomes a coherent system instead of a bunch of scattered bits of information for them to try to remember.

Key #2: Instructions for using your advice.

Have you ever had a time when you took a course or attended a seminar, and were wowed by all the information you got... but by the time you got home or woke up the next morning, you couldn't clearly visualize all the steps you needed to take?

If you simply teach your clients the principles of success, without giving them specific, concrete methods for applying those principles to their lives, your course may be enlightening, but it probably won't translate into lasting, transformative action.

So give them exact exercises, action steps and formulas, and break those processes down into step-by-step instructions. Don't leave your clients trying to figure out what to do next - spell it out for them.

Key #3: Ongoing support.

Sometimes, your clients will need customized guidance to tailor your instructions to their unique situation.

Other times, they may become discouraged, or start slipping back into their old habits, and need someone to hold them accountable and keep them in action.

One of the biggest differences between people who get results and people who don't is that the people who get results tend to have someone with whom they check in on a regular basis. This helps them resist the temptation to procrastinate, and keeps them moving in the direction of their goals.

Whether you give your support via email, group calls, one-on-one calls, or an online group or forum, will depend on how private and personal your topic is, and on whether or not all your clients can consistently get on a call at the same time.

It will also depend on how expensive the program is, because that will influence how much of your personal time you should spend on each client.

Whichever method you choose to use, make sure you give your clients a way to get guidance and support, and to keep themselves accountable.

Key #4: Done-for-you bonuses.

If you can do part of your clients' work for them, that instantly makes your program FAR more valuable in their eyes.

Knowing that your program will actually save them time will help to ease potential clients' fear that they might not have time to take your course, which will make it easier to enroll people.

And when part of their work is already done for them by an expert, it will help your clients to get better, faster results than they could have gotten if they had to do or create everything themselves.

So if there's a part of your program that you can turn into a fill-in-the-blanks script or template, by all means include it as a free bonus to make your course more enticing.

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