Guest Star Post: 5 Ways For Entrepreneurs To Stand Out And Get Clients

By: Stephanie Friday May 20, 2016 comments Tags: Marketing, Copywriting, Article creation, Lead attraction, Mindset, Public speaking, Client attraction, About me page, Email marketing, Content marketing, Enrollment, Public relations

‚ÄčDo you sometimes feel like you're lost in the crowd, and invisible to your ideal clients?

If so, I've got good news: in this week's Guest Star blog post, I'm giving you 5 proven ways to stand out in your industry, get your ideal clients' attention, and help them trust and connect with you in a way that makes them eager to sign up.

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About the Author: Stephanie

Stephanie is a copywriter and business coach. She specializes in helping coaches to create customized client attraction plans and put them into action, and to design lucrative and life-changing group programs, so they can help more people, make more money, and have more free time.