Guest Star Post: How "Overcoming Objections" Can Alienate Your Clients, and What to Do Instead

Saturday June 6, 2015 comments

Have you ever responded to a client’s “objection” by trying to talk them into seeing things from your point of view?

“Overcoming objections” is a popular technique in the sales industry, but a very hazardous one.

When you use it, instead of showing your client that you understand them and are interested in their needs and experiences, you imply that your viewpoint and agenda are more important to you than theirs.

You also run the risk of making them feel like you’re telling them that they’re wrong, and that their experiences and perceptions are invalid in your eyes.

All in all, trying to talk your clients out of their opinions is a recipe for disconnect, lost sales, and possibly even resentment.

In today’s Guest Star blog post, I will reveal a different way to overcome objections: one that creates connection, builds trust, and helps you to learn about your clients, so that you can tailor your offer specifically to their desires and needs.

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