Guest Star Post: How Sole Proprietors Can Take a Real Vacation Without Losing Business

By: Stephanie Friday June 24, 2016 comments Tags: Time management, Customer Service, Public relations, Business planning

When you don’t have a team in place, it can be a challenge to take time off from your business.

​You’re the only point of contact between your clients and your company, so if you’re planning to disappear for a week or so, some extra preparation is required to make sure you don’t disappoint or lose clients.

In today’s Guest Star blog post, you’ll discover the important steps you need to take to prepare for your vacation, as well as how to keep getting sales while you’re gone without frustrating the people who purchased your products.

If you want to truly relax and enjoy yourself during your next vacation, knowing that your business is doing fine and you don't need to worry about it, take a couple minutes to read the article.



About the Author: Stephanie

Stephanie is a copywriter and business coach. She specializes in helping coaches to create customized client attraction plans and put them into action, and to design lucrative and life-changing group programs, so they can help more people, make more money, and have more free time.