How to Avoid Losing Subscribers During a Product Launch

By: Stephanie Tuesday June 21, 2016 comments Tags: Marketing, Copywriting, Client attraction, Email marketing, product launch, Content marketing, Customer Service, Public relations, Lead nurture

​If you’re like many coaches and entrepreneurs that I know, you send a LOT of emails during your launches.

This practice is good for keeping the attention of those who are interested in your current offering, but subscribers who don't want that particular webinar or product might start to get annoyed if they get four emails in one day.

In today's blog post, I'll give you a way to avoid that problem, as well as two other pitfalls that email marketers can encounter while launching a product:

Problem #1: Your subscribers are getting too many emails.

During a launch, it's common to send several invitations prior to the day of the event, then an "It's today", "It's in 1 hour", and "It's starting!" email on the big day.

If your reader is interested in the topic, that's great, but if they aren't - and especially if they're a new subscriber, and this is their first impression of you - they might feel spammed or overwhelmed, and respond by unsubscribing.

The solution:

Run your promotion in a separate campaign from your ongoing newsletter, and give your readers a link to unsubscribe from that campaign in particular.

That way, they're still on your newsletter list, and they'll still receive your informational newsletters, but they won't have to keep receiving content in which they currently aren't interested.

This enables you to keep your relationship with them, and stay at the top of their minds, even if they aren't ready to buy from you just yet. That way, when they ARE ready to buy, they'll still be in a position to hear about your offering.

Problem #2: Offering a discount on a product they bought at full price.

If your reader just bought a product at full price, they may not want to hear about how they narrowly missed a discount. After all, you're trying to make them feel happy and grateful, not frustrated or disappointed.

The solution:

If your current software gives you the ability to do so, apply a tag to your contacts when they buy a product, or otherwise create an indication in your system so you know who has bought what.

Then, when you advertise a discount on the product, you can either:

1. Exclude the people with the "already purchased X" tag from the discount advertisement, or

2. Tailor the offering to them, by saying something like "because you bought X, I'd like to give you a discount on the next one so you can get it for a friend/get a refill or refresher course for yourself". That way, instead of feeling like they missed out, they feel rewarded for their purchase.

Problem #3: Dividing their attention.

​There have been a few times when I've signed up for an opt-in gift, only to be promptly bombarded by emails not only about their current launch, but also about a launch that one of their affiliates was doing at the same time.

Doing this can draw people's attention away from your launch, and if they're already getting a lot of emails, it can drive them to stem the influx by unsubscribing.

The solution:

I wouldn't recommend sending two launch campaigns to the same group of subscribers simultaneously.

Instead, either schedule your launch for a time when you won't be promoting anyone else, or divide your subscriber list into two groups, and send one campaign to each group.

That way, your launch emails will have a better chance of standing out in their inbox, rather than competing with another simultaneous promotion.

Do you want help with your product launch?

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