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Would you rather be serving clients than writing marketing materials?

You have an amazing message to share with the world. But sometimes, it's difficult to find the right words to express that message.

You stare at the screen, feeling your precious time trickling away while you struggle to come up with the right words, and you're not even sure if what you're spending so much time to create will get you any results.

Wouldn't it be better if you could get on with doing the things you love and the work you're good at, and leave the writing to someone who specializes in that field?

If you're ready to save yourself a lot of time and effort on your website, articles, blog posts, social posts and emails, please check out the list of services I provide below. While we're working together, I can also give you strategies for making your content more visible, and using it to connect with more potential clients.

If you want to get a clear idea of what the process of working together will look like, be sure to look at the Writing Process and Revision Policy section on this page.

And if you need editing services, or you'd like me to help you write or polish up a book, check out my book writing and editing services.

Ready to get started, or not sure what you need?

If you already know exactly what you want, please fill out the form below, and I'll send you a handy questionnaire you can use to provide me with all the information I'll need to write your materials.

And if you aren't sure what materials you need in order to attract more clients, the questionnaire will help you determine what you have to work with, and what you still need to start bringing more clients to your business.


Fill out this form to get your FREE copy of the Personalized Marketing Plan Questionnaire,
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List of available services:

Promotional/affiliate email

Do you have something you want to sell to your list, an event something you want to invite them to, or a blog post you want them to read?

If you want your email contacts to buy a product or sign up for a webinar, I can draft a short, compelling promotional email or affiliate email that gets your readers' attention, raises their curiosity, and encourages them to click through.

Price: $130 per email

Blog post, newsletter or article
These can be great for generating leads, if you give valuable content and a compelling reason for the reader to click through to the next part of your funnel.

My articles, educational email newsletters, and blog posts are approximately 750 words each, and they include:

  • An intro that catches the reader's attention and tells them why they need to keep reading

  • 3-5 teaching points to impress them and leave them wanting more

  • A call to action, directing them to subscribe to a newsletter, buy an item, book a consultation, or whatever else you want the reader to do.

Price: $130 per post/newsletter/article

Blog post/newsletter/article + social media package
If you want to get even more eyeballs on your post, article or website to get the biggest bang for your buck, I can repurpose the content into social media posts.

This package includes an article, newsletter or blog post, and 10 social media posts with images. These posts can link back to the original article/blog, they can encourage readers to take the same action that the blog/article recommended, they can encourage discussion, or they can just be informative and entertaining all by themselves.

The price of this package depends on whether you'll provide the images yourself, or if I'll need to find and edit the images.

Package price, if you provide the images: $200
Package price, if you want me to find the images: $250

Blog post/article + social media package + 'hook' newsletter
Do you want to get your email list accustomed to clicking on links, so they're more likely to do so when you ask them to buy something?

One way to do this is by providing most of your content through your blog, and writing your newsletters as a 'hook' that gets the readers interested and asks them to click through to the blog.

If this is something you want to implement, I can write a blog post/article, a newsletter that intrigues your readers and encourages them to click through, and a set of 10 social posts to get more eyeballs on your blog.

Package price, if you provide the images: $300
Package price, if you want me to find the images: $350

Website pages
If you want to catch your clients' eye with a compelling home page, or gain their trust with a "My Story" or "About Us" page that assures them that they'll be in good hands, I can help you find the words to do exactly that.

Price per page: $400 - $800
Price depends on the length and complexity of the page, and how clear you are on what you want.

Sales pages
I can help you to get your clients interested in your product, overcome their objections, and show them why your offering is more than worth the time and money they'll invest.

Short-form sales page (for low-to-mid-price products): $500 - $1,000
Long-form sales page (for high-priced products): $1,000 - $1,700
Price depends on the length and complexity of the page, and how clear you are on what you want.

Social media posts
This is a great option if you want to consistently create good content for your audience, but you have other things on which you need to spend your time. 

Price per short text-only post: $5
Package of 10 short text-only posts: $40
Price per long text-only post (above 700 characters): $20
Package of 10 long text-only posts: $170

Price to add an image to a text post, if you provide the image: $0
Price to add an image to a text post or create an image-only post, if you want me to find and lightly modify the image: $20
Price to add images to 10 posts or create 10 image-only posts, if you want me to find and lightly modify the images: $150

Writing Process and Revision Policy
Here's what you can expect in the process of getting your materials created:
Step 1: Gather the information you need to get your materials written.
To save both of us valuable time, and to save you the money you'd otherwise spend on consultation fees, I've created a convenient questionnaire to help you assemble all the information we'll need to get your materials created.
If you already know what you want, this will enable you to efficiently convey everything you want me to know about your materials.
And if you aren't sure what materials you need, this will help you to see what you have to work with, and what you still need in order to attract more clients.
Just fill out the form below, and I'll send you the questionnaire.


Fill out this form to get your FREE copy of the Personalized Marketing Plan Questionnaire,
and to receive free business and marketing tips!

Step 2: Let me know what you need.

Once you've filled out the questionnaire, send it to me at the email below, along with any questions that you have and any additional information I'll need to create your materials.

If you have any forms, such as "work done for hire" or non-disclosure agreements, that you need me to sign before we start working together, please send those to me as well.

Step 3: Invoicing.

If you are a new client, I will need the full payment up front before I begin writing. If you're a long-term client with an ongoing project such as weekly blog posts, we can discuss alternative arrangements such as monthly billing.

Step 4: The writing process.

All the prices on this page include 2 rounds of edits, as specified below. Once I've gotten all the information I need to create your materials, and the payment is processed, the writing process works in 3 stages:

Stage 1: I'll send you a rough first draft, to make sure I'm including all the information you want in the order in which you want it. This draft won't be polished for grammar or flow, as part of it is likely to be rewritten anyway. Once you've received this draft, please look it over and send it back with ALL the edits you want with regards to what content is included and in what order. (There's no need for you to grammatically edit this draft; I'll do that for you in the second stage. This is just to make sure we have all the ingredients in place before we bake the cake.)

Stage 2: After incorporating your suggestions and requests, I'll send you a second draft that is edited for grammar, spelling and flow. Please look it over carefully, and once again, suggest ALL the edits you desire. (I specify ALL because this is your second and final round of edits. I incorporated this policy to prevent situations where people ask for edit after edit, to the point where I end up writing 5 items for the price of 1.)

Stage 3: After I've implemented your final round of suggestions and requests, I'll send you the final product and confirm that it's completed to your liking.

After your second complimentary round of edits, any additional edits you request will cost $200/hour.

Ready to get started?
Great! Just fill out the form to get your questionnaire, and let's get this ball rolling!


Fill out this form to get your FREE copy of the Personalized Marketing Plan Questionnaire,
and to receive free business and marketing tips!


What other people say about my services: 




 Nick Bogatin smilingWorking with Stephanie has improved our conversion rates!

My company has been working with Stephanie since 2013, and we've been thrilled by the speed and quality of her service.

Stephanie is great at crafting short, powerful emails that generate high open and click-through rates. For example, one of her recent emails brought us 200 leads for a high-ticket product, from 3,600 click-throughs.

She really captures the voice of the person she's writing for, so the emails sound natural and welcoming, and she follows directions very well. She displays great attention to detail, and has often offered suggestions and observations that improved our marketing results.

She responds quickly to our requests, and consistently delivers by the deadlines we agree upon. All in all, we are very happy with her copywriting services.

Bottom line: should you hire her? No! we want her all for ourselves. ;)

- Nick Bogatin, Director of Marketing

Tom Grosh smiling"When I first met Stephanie, I was getting some clients through my website, but not as many as I wanted. My main problem was that I didn't know how to describe my services in writing in a way that my clients responded to.

It was an easy decision to select Stephanie and Captivating Copywriter to do a complete makeover of my Grosh's Lawn Service website. Stephanie took the time to look over my whole website, and gave me some great tips for helping it to stand out and be more inviting to my readers.

I was very happy after reading the first rewrite, and I anticipated the arrival of each new page to see how Stephanie transformed my text, inspiring my site's visitors to want to read more and become engaged and find out why it is important to hire a Landcare Management Expert.

Stephanie returned each email in a timely fashion, and answered each question I had as we moved the process along page by page. Within a couple weeks of applying her changes, I'd already given 2 client estimates in January, and I've never  given estimates in January before.

I am very pleased with Stephanie's work, skill and knowledge, and I will be using only Captivating Copywriter for future work as our website is constantly changing.

My review rating is 5 STARS+"

- Tom Grosh, lawn care and landscaping expert.

Stephanie is a very talented copywriter who does a fabulous job of capturing the voice and feel of speaking to your avatar client.

I have hired her for several launches, all of which had conversions in the tens of thousands. If you're looking for a skilled copywriter, you can count on Stephanie to be professional, reliable, quick, and effective.

- Jennifer Jimenez, health and wellness expert.


When my previous website developer disappeared partway through the process, leaving me to figure things out on my own, Stephanie stepped in and helped me turn the mess they'd left me with into a beautiful site.

She helped me determine what information I needed to get the site up and running, rewrote the site's content to be more appealing to my potential clients, connected me with people who resolved the glitches that plagued the original site, and then adjusted the site's appearance to beautifully showcase my value and brand.

Whenever technical difficulties arose, she worked hard to resolve them, so I could focus on doing what I do best.

All in all, she saved me dozens of hours of work, and helped me create a website that I'm proud to show off. I'm extremely grateful that she was there to take that off my plate; she kept me from falling apart at a time when I had so many other challenges to juggle that I couldn't have handled figuring out website design on top of everything else.

Thank you so much for helping, Stephanie!

- Deb Turner, 


Stephanie made it easy for me to design my group program effectively!

When Stephanie and I first talked, I wanted to start serving more people in less time by doing group sessions, but I wasn't sure how to make that happen or how to create the program and how to promote it for maximum results.

Through her step-by-step questionnaires, guides and walkthroughs, Stephanie made it easy for me to design a great program in way less time than I thought it would take. She also helped me figure out exactly what components I need for my sales funnel, so I can proceed with clarity and confidence. It is such a pleasure working with Stephanie and her calm and helpful insights.

- Janine Shapiro
Janine Kathleen Wellness
Visit Janine's Facebook page here.