Do you want to create a life-changing coaching program...
And know that you can SELL it?

Are you ready to get paid to change lives?

You don't have to spend tens of hours figuring it all out by yourself...

While wondering if you'll ever be paid for all the work you're doing.

Your expertise can transform lives, and I want to help you turn it into a coaching program and make it irresistible to the people who need it!

What if you could:

- Stop struggling to figure out what info to put in your program.
- Know EXACTLY how to design a life-changing program you're PROUD to offer!

- Stop worrying that you don't have enough value or content.
- Skyrocket your confidence, so you can design and sell your program with more ease!

- Quit lowering your prices and devaluing yourself.
- Confidently deliver value that makes your program EASILY worth $1k, $5k, or MORE!

- Stop feeling like you don't have enough time.
- Beat procrastination, and get your program created faster and more easily than you would on your own.

- Stop wondering if anyone will buy from you.
- Design and market your program with confidence, knowing your dream clients will happily buy it.

Here's how I'll help you create and sell your coaching program!

In this program, I will give you my step-by-step formula for:

1. Choosing a topic your clients are eager to learn about, so you don't spend a lot of time creating something that doesn't sell.

2. Turning your wisdom into a program that gives AMAZING results.

3. Delivering your program in a way that helps you create the lifestyle you want and an experience your clients love!

6. Increasing the value of your program by adding bonuses that save your clients hours of work, and help them get better results with less effort.

7. Choosing a price that gives great value to you and your clients.

8. Inspiring clients to BUY your program, so you can get paid to transform their lives! 


How does the program work?

In the first week of the program, we'll get together for 1 hour to see how we can fit the program's action steps into your calendar.

That way, you'll have time to actually create and sell your program, instead of learning how and never finding the time to do it!

Each week after that, we'll have a 1-hour call, during which I'll answer your questions, and teach you how to complete the next step in the process.

Every week, you'll get specific action steps for creating and marketing your program, so you're never left wondering what to do next.

You will get:

One 60-minute call per week, for 20 weeks. ($4,000 value)

Checklists, scripts, and templates to take the guesswork out of the process, so you can start selling your program sooner and with less work. ($200 value)

That's $4,200 worth of value...

And you can get it all for just $3,000.

I can't guarantee that the price will stay this low forever. So if you want to get paid for using your expertise to change lives, now is the time!

Ready to get started? Just hit the button below!

What people say about my program creation training:


Kent Felice, who bought the 1 Month Program Builder ebook that comes with this program, said:

"1 Month Program Builder makes it easy to turn your knowledge into a coaching program. Stephanie gives clear, actionable strategies for every step of the process, and she also provides tools the reader can use to tailor the program they create to their ideal audience and lifestyle.

While I was using this book, I always knew which step to take next, and exactly how to take it, so I could create my program without any guesswork or wasted time.

If you're thinking of turning your expertise into a curriculum, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by getting this book."

- Kent Felice
Visit Kent's website here.

Stephanie made it easy for me to design my group program effectively!

When Stephanie and I first talked, I wanted to start serving more people in less time by doing group sessions, but I wasn't sure how to make that happen or how to create the program and how to promote it for maximum results.

Through her step-by-step questionnaires, guides and walkthroughs, Stephanie made it easy for me to design a great program in way less time than I thought it would take. She also helped me figure out exactly what components I need for my sales funnel, so I can proceed with clarity and confidence. It is such a pleasure working with Stephanie and her calm and helpful insights.

- Janine Shapiro
Janine Kathleen Wellness


Are you ready to become the next coaching success story?


If you need any additional information to help you decide whether this program is for you, I'll be happy to have a free 60-minute breakthrough session with you! Just click the button below to pick a call time.


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I look forward to helping you create a successful business by transforming people's lives!