How Your Wealth Affects You and the People Around You

By: Stephanie Tuesday December 1, 2020 comments Tags: Mindset, Inspiration

Hundred dollar billsDo you ever worry about what kind of person you'll become when you make a lot of money, or about the impact your rise to wealth will have on other people?

So many of us grow up with messages that tell us rich people are bad, and that it's greedy and evil to have a lot of money.

"Eat the rich." "Power corrupts." "They're leaving so little for the rest of us." Message after message - some subtle, some overt.

Of course, in some cases it's true. Some people have made a fortune by exploiting other people and refusing to contribute their fair share in return.

But is that really you?

Are you exploiting people, or are you changing their lives for the better, and asking to be fairly compensated for your time, impact and expertise?

And does the money you make turn you into a worse person, or does it give you more power to help even more people?

In this video, I discuss the transformation that occurs when you achieve wealth, and the impact it has on you and the people around you when you're getting paid what you're worth.


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