Guest Star Post: How to Get More Clients by Saying Less

By: Stephanie Friday November 4, 2016 comments Tags: Marketing, Copywriting, Public speaking, Client attraction, About me page, Email marketing, Content marketing, Webinar, Enrollment, Public relations, Lead nurture

When you have an enrollment conversation or create your marketing materials, are you really telling your audience what they need to know?
Or are you losing their interest by talking about too many things that your potential client doesn't care about?
In today's Guest Star blog post, Rob Frappier will help you to determine which parts of your message are essential to inspiring the client to sign up, and what will only bore them and drive them away.

By the way, this will be my last Guest Star blog post for a while. I will still post a new article every Tuesday, but in the process of refocusing my business and time management priorities, I've decided to put the Guest Star posts on hold so I can spend that time serving my clients instead.

If you enjoyed the Guest Star posts and want them back, please sound off in the comments! I always want to know what my readers find helpful, and if enough people liked and miss the Guest Star posts, I'll bring them back. In the meantime, enjoy this final featured article!



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